Why do you need a real private number?

Do you often receive calls from strangers in your life? Sometimes, they can call your name and home address accurately, but you don’t know who the other person is. At this time, you should be careful, because your private number may have been exposed.

How was my information exposed?
Many people have this trouble. Obviously, I haven’t done anything, but I always receive harassing calls. Some calls may even come from other countries. So, how was my information exposed?

In the information era, big data is everywhere. Naturally, some criminals are eyeing your personal information. Information disclosure is nothing more than the following situations: sharing train tickets on the Internet, filling in personal information in some malicious mobile phone apps, clicking unknown links on mobile phones, or number disclosure when sending and receiving express delivery.

How can I ensure that my private number is not leaked?
Although we are in the Internet age and cannot live without the Internet, it is still necessary to do something to prevent the leakage of number information.

First, and most importantly, we need to improve our self-defense awareness and effectively avoid the disclosure of personal information from the source.

Second, try not to use the shared network in public places to avoid personal information exposure.

Secondly, the account and password of some platforms should not be set to the same;

Finally, documents and vouchers containing name, telephone number, address and other information should be destroyed in time without leaving any trace.

Of course, there is another simple and rude way, that is to have a 2nd phone. Want to separate your business phone from your personal phone? 2ndphone is your best choice.

Something is wrong with my smartphone because it doesn’t have your number in it

sky-high numbers
People always like to seek novelty in life, even mobile phone numbers are no exception. Some people can charge sky-high prices for a mobile phone number, and there are many people on the Internet who spend hundreds of thousands or millions to buy a number. In this regard, many people have expressed doubts, is this the world of the rich?

Of course, most people are more pragmatic. After all, a number is just a string of numbers, and it is only a medium used to communicate and communicate with relatives and friends. It is better to spend a lot of money to buy numbers than to use this money to honor the elders, everyone is happy.

Why do we use 2ndphone
In life, are we often harassed by phone calls and do not have our own personal space? After finally finishing work and planning to relax, suddenly a lot of phone calls come in. At this time, your good mood has been ruined. In fact, these situations mentioned above can be avoided very well. Want to separate your business calls from personal calls? 2ndphone is your best choice.

Use of 2ndphone
Since 2ndphone is so easy to use, what is its use? Let’s take a closer look below.

Features of 2ndphone
1.Personalize your number: choose your country, region and phone number in a few easy steps
2. It only takes a minute to set up an alternate phone number
3. In addition to the normal charges, there are no other hidden charges
4. Separate the in-app contact list from the phone
5. You can send text messages and pictures directly from the app
6. Have a complete record of calls and messages to track your communications

The above is the purpose of 2ndphone. People who are interested in this can try it. 2ndphone is definitely a good helper in your life!